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About Us

Welcome To Petrum Premium Experience in Yalikavak, BODRUM

Get ready for a maritime feast! Petrum Yachting Bodrum is a leading yacht charter company that combines unique sea tour experiences with luxury and elegance. At the most beautiful coves of Bodrum, you're at the right address for a magnificent journey where the deep blue waters embrace you.

Since 2019, Petrum Yachting has been setting sail with a commitment to quality and continuous service. Meticulously designed luxury yachts await to create unforgettable moments for customers. The company's goal is to take you not just on a vacation, but on a journey that witnesses the most special moments of your life.

The company boasts an extensive yacht collection catering to different needs. Whether it's a romantic proposal, a birthday celebration with loved ones, or simply savoring life's pleasures, Petrum Yachting offers perfect options. The yachts are equipped with modern comfort and luxury, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the journey.

Petrum Yachting's hospitable and experienced team is at your service 24/7 to provide an unforgettable experience. The sea-loving captains and friendly crew will instantly respond to every request and ensure your safety throughout the journey.

Offering the best opportunity to explore the unique beauties of Bodrum, Petrum Yachting invites you to the enchanting world of deep blue waters and captivating coves. In every bay, you'll enjoy unique natural beauty and experience tranquility and serenity.

Get ready to add an unforgettable highlight to your life with Petrum Yachting. It's the perfect choice for those seeking much more than an ordinary vacation. Now is the time to embark on this extraordinary journey where luxury, beauty, and comfort intertwine.

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